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"Received my magazines yesterday, and just got back from the range today. I just wanted to let you know that your mags worked flawlessly!! No issues what so ever, perfect fit in the well, no feed problems, just an awesome product!! I will definitely be buying more from you in the future."

- Richard

"Just wanted to drop you a line and say how happy I am with your work. The magazine functions flawlessly, and the mag release certainly aids in quicker mag changes. Everything looks excellent. As an engineer who has a lot of machining experience and expertise, the machining looks great and everything fits as it should without any slop or overly tight fits. Thanks again for you great work and excellent service. I'll definitely be a return customer. "

- Matthew

"Received my mags yesterday and I am tickled with them. I don't think Savage themselves could make them any better. These functioned perfectly and they look incredible. I appreciate such a fast turnaround. I will certainly spread the word on Darkeagle! Thanks, Joe"

- Joe

"Man, these magazines are sweet. Was able to load each of the three with 10 rounds, and cycle rounds, chambering and ejecting - mags performed flawlessly. Awesome, very nice quality in addition - overall very pleased now with rifle setup and performance. Thank you!"

- Dan

"As you know your mag performed flawlessly!!!!!! Thanks so much!! I'll be getting more for sure!!!!!"

- Aaron

"Thank you for your quality magazine. Now that I've had a chance to get to the range I can say it fits and functions perfectly in my Savage 10p-sr, which is an uncommon model. Let me add that your magazine is also quite handsome and easier to manipulate than the factory 4 round magazine. Although an expensive magazine I am quite pleased because of the above reasons and will heartily recommend your magazine to anyone who enquires. Excellent craftsmanship sir!"

- Clay

"Your fantastic mag and mag catch arrived on Friday as we hoped and they installed, bench tested, and performed flawlessly for me. There are several other Savage 12 LRP owners where I shoot and all of them noticed the 10 rounder as the day went on. I imagine you will sell a couple more here shortly into Central and Eastern Ohio, as I gave out your info. ; ) Thanks Dan!"

- Jason

"I took a long-range shooting course last weekend, shot about 160 rounds. and this is to let you to know that I really like my new weapon. I cannot imagine a better long range target gun. Great job and thanks again."

- Victor

"I received two of your mags through Rarco Engineering in Tasmania the other week. Bloody nice mate. They fit like a glove. Yep, the day I received them in the mail I took them to the range and tested how well they feed. All good, all smiles. Thanks once again."

- Tony from Australia

"Holy cow, Dan!!! This stuff is awesome! Thank you! Mag release works really well too!"

- Matthew

"I just has a chance to use the 10rd mag and its great....top quality. The extended mag release works great and it was ez to install couldn't be any happier. Thanks to you and your staff...another satisfied customer."

- Tyler

"Mags arrived today and they look great! I just did a basic function check, and if anything they lock in more securely than the factory mags. I can't wait to get to the range. Many thanks!"

- Bill

"Wanted to let you know I finally dug out of the snow and got out to range with the new mags I got from you and have to say they are awesome and worked flawlessly! Also, wanted to ask if you make them in a long action version...looking at the model 10/110 in 300 win mag and curious of you can do the same work as you've done with 308 and WSM's?"

- Jeremiah

"My magazines arrived today and I must say they are very nice and I loved the packaging. I am very satisfied and I appreciate the craftsmanship. Thank you."

- Jason

"The magazine arrived today. I wanted to let you know that it looks very good. The fit and finish is really great. I've been able to insert 10 rounds per your instructions, and the magazine mates up nicely to the rifle. Thanks for including the instructions – they were helpful to follow. Now if the weather can just get warmer so I can enjoy an outing at the range. Thanks!"

- Thomas