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"The accuracy, craftsmanship and detail Dan created are a work of art. It was an honor and a privilege to receive such a precision rifle. It shoots true every day of the week and twice on Sunday - and you can take that to the bank!"

"Beautiful job fluting my bolt - I love it. The two-color Gunkote is awesome!"

"Accuracy is unbelievable and the camo job is a real work of art."

"I had high expectations and I was not disappointed."

"You're the Van Gogh of gun builders. Every piece is a work of art."

"I will not only have Dan build my custom rifles in the future, but would highly recommend him to anyone looking for quality firearm work."

"Deal with confidence with Dan - he is GTG!"

"Dan's work is second to none. His workmanship and demand for perfection put his rifles in a class of their own."

"Darkeagle is accuracy AND workmanship defined!"

"I handed the M-40 he built for me to a member of the USMC weapons shop for inspection. A Gunnery Sergeant on the shop floor looked at it and said 'We don't built them any better than this. This one is perfect.'"