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Located in the heart of the Finger Lakes of New York, Darkeagle Custom Inc. is operated solely by Dan Shumway.Danny

Dan's machining experience started over 40 years ago at the age of 16 and he has been shooting and hunting since he was old enough to hold a gun.

"I taught my son Danny to shoot at age 3 with a .22 rimfire in the basement. There has not been a better student. Over the years he became an impressive marksman and has many awards to his name. Attaining NRA Distinguished expert in 3-position smallbore both right and left handed, he was an avid F-class shooter, and an excellent hunter as well.

He was always by my side while building guns and reloading and was soon building his own rifles for competition. By age 18 he attained a level most shooters only aspire to reach. Simply put - the student had become the teacher.

And so the plans were started for a father and son gunsmithing business when Danny finished with gunsmithing school but in 2005, the year he was to start, a tragic accident took my son and that dream. After a short hiatus, I started building again and felt I needed to carry on what was started."

Danny was known on all the shooting forums (particular Sniper's Hide) as Darkeagle - hence the business name.

Not a day goes by that I don't think of Danny and what it would be like working side by side with him. Some days that's a tough road to follow.